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    We Offers
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We Welcome You to
Indian Rasoi Gas

The Company, established in the post-liberalization period, has set itself the goal of providing excellent service in the private sector LPG bottling and distribution field.

Call Us Today At +91-8080809484 Or Email Us At info@rasoigas.com

Bulk LPG

Indian Rasoi Gas serves the need of large energy consumers in industries and big commercial establishments through bulk LPG supplies along with complete engineering solution.

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Domestic Services

Indian Rasoi Gas provides Domestic services also. We have an extensive gas agency network. Currently our domestic gas agency network is present in North India.

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Industrial Services

Industries require cost effective and efficient energy solution for various processes. In most applications, Indian Rasoi Gas is used as clean and cost effective fuel in furnaces, kilns.....

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Commercial Services

Indian Rasoi Gas provides Commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, sweet shops, canteens, etc. and other institutions such as hospitals and hostels.....

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About The Company

The Company established in the post-liberalization period, has set itself the goal of providing excellent service in the private sector LPG bottling and distribution field.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to be part of every home, delivering the trusted brand of LPG through warm and personalised service.

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Our Vision

Reliable and fast service. Self growth with growth of the nation.
Total customer satisfaction with world class product.
To become the most preferred LPG brand of North India with a reach of 500 networks serving millions of households.

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FAQ's from Customers

How do I get a new domestic connection?

Indian Rasoi Gas is available for domestic use in 4 kg, 12 kg and 15 kg capacity cylinders with our authorized Dealers & Retailerss/dealers spread across North India. To avail a new connection just fill up the enquiry form and our customer service executive will contact you with more details. The customer service executives will arrange a new connection to be delivered to your doorstep subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions for the new connection.

Why is the price of LPG Refill higher than the PSU LPG Refill?

Domestic LPG prices of the government companies are regulated by the government of India and do not reflect the real price of crude and refined product. Moreover, the PSU LPG refill prices are subsidized by the government through issuance of oil bonds to the public sector oil companies. This compensation is not available for private LPG marketers; hence price of LPG refill is higher than PSU LPG refill.

What are the documents that I need to submit to get a new connection?

Any one ID proof is required to avail your Indian Rasoi Gas domestic connection.

What are the documents that I shall receive after getting a new connection?

You shall receive a Consumer number, original subscription voucher and cash memo.

What do I need to check when I receive my refill cylinder?

The seal of the cylinder should be intact. The safety cap should not have any cracks. You will receive a cash memo for the payment towards LPG refill.

In case of assistance whom should I contact?

In case of assistance required you can get in touch with your Dealers & Retailers/retailer or to the customer care through our number +91-8080809484